Salsasteel featuring Bill Harris

Salsa Steel featuring Bill Harris

Review from Cadence Magazine in New York. "Harris and his crew shine in particular on the Brazilian material. Carlos Jobim's 'Dindi' flows naturally, the tunes sparkling natural rhythm cutting through Lynn Williard's gauzy keyboard accompaniment. A reading of 'Central Park West' also has that unfolding quality. Keith Jarrett's 'Lucky Southern' and Jobim's 'Once I Loved' well executed bossa novas, are high-lights of the disc. Gregory K. Robinson"

Salsa Steel Drum Band

Salsa Steel Drum Band

If you like steel drum music you're going to love the 'Salsa Steel Drum Band' featuring only reggae and calypso with everyone's favorite songs. Bill and his band have been performing all the best venues in Southern California for years. Including the Hotel Del Coronado, the San Diego Zoo, and Sea World, just to name a few."

Bill Harris Live

Bill Harris Live

How do you add a unique touch to an event? Give the guest an imaginary trip to a wonderful tropic island with the sound of Bill Harris Live. The steel drum and rhythmic music brings to mind aqua blue waters, white sand and good times! Bill Harris, received a classical background at Eastern Kentucky University and the American Conservatory in Chicago. He has played with the Chicago Symphony and offshoots of the Louisville Orchestra.Bill Harris,has had the privilege of playing for Mayor Golding, Pete Wilson, Bob Dole, Oprah Winfrey, Fabio, NBA, MGM, Disney, Universal Studios, Karem Abdul Jabar and many more. Bill Harris includes songs from Trinidad, Jamaica, Brazil, Cuba and other world influences. Bill Harris Live was recorded at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Salsa Steel Christmas

Salsasteel Christmas

Bill Harris played the lead tenor pan, triple seconds, vibes and marimba, Allan Phillips played keyboards and percussion, Carlos De La Paz the guitar, Cecil Mcbee Jr. played electric bass, and Cliff Almond did the drums.

Reggie Rapasaurus

Reggie Rapasaurus

Children's Show/ Los Angeles Times/ Lynne Heffley/ Saturday, July 13, 2002 - Look and Listen Several years ago, San Diego- based literacy promoter and actor-singer Stacey Roberts began using original songs and a stuffed, dreadlock-bedecked dinosaur named Reggie to encourage children to read and inspire them to pursue learning. This smooth and mellow CD by Roberts and composer-producer Bill Harris was created to share that message with a wider audience, mixing sophisticated traditional jazz, Latin jazz and pop melodies with simple lyrics in songs about reading.

Salsa Steel promo

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Marimba/Steel Pan original Salsa Marimba
Steel Pan Calypso1 Steel Pan Calypso2
Female Vocal Jazz Vibraphone
Latin Marimba1 Latin Marimba2

Bill Harris Original Tunes

Bill Harris played the lead tenor pan, vibes, marimba, and vocals, Stacey 'Dove' Daniels vocals, Carl 'Papa' Lawrence played the double seconds pan, Allan Phillips played keyboards and percussion, Jamie Kime the guitar, Cecil Mcbee Jr. played electric bass, and Duncan Moore did the drums.

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